The twenty-first century is a time of great social change.

Innovative ideas and technical advances give us access to methods and resources that were previously unimaginable.

Awarness on security and workers health and also in the environment impact.

World population grow and the trend to gather in the big cities.

The variable TIME leads our day by day.

SFM is the solution as an efficient building methodology adapted to nowadays and ready to face the future challenges.


Our methodology is based on the industrialization the manufacturing and assembling process and bring resources where they are needed most. In doing so, we control the profitability of each project. Our methodology is based on a scalable model, safeguarding sustainability.


Be the first company worldwide to give solution to construction projects, industrializing on site part of the process of manufacturing and assembling.

Meet the needs of construction projects all around the world, in a self-sufficient, affordable, faster and better quality results than with conventional construction methodologies.

"We are Glocal"

We get our knowlegde on a global scale. Then, we act locally.

Then, we act locally.



Current and Finalized Projects

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