“Spin-off” business of Innova Consultoría.

SFM was founded in 2013 after identifying a need for Social Housing, while on various work trips.

From the beginning, we’ve worked to develop and test a viable product, which provides many families access to decent housing.

SFM we’re a young business inspired by the experience of its founders: two economists, one lawyer and one entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in construction, and who is accustomed to working in the public sector as well as the private. These are the parts that form the diverse group working behind this new business project.
We aim to facilitate access to decent living to the most people possible. We want to see families enjoying their new homes.
Utilizing our methodology INDUSTRIALIZED SFM, we produce and assemble homes quickly. We impart our knowledge of our system and technology to the region where our projects are carried out through the establishment of factories where locals are hired and trained to work.
We deliver decent homes unique for their:
• Low cost.
• High-quality standard, adapted to the construction-specific characteristics of the country or region.
• Expedited building process.
• Eco-friendly materials. 
• No water used.