We understand “Social Business” as an opportunity for the 21st century to improve the living conditions of those who need it most. Therefore, we control the profit of the projects in order to generate financial resources that, when reinvested in the process, allow for climbing the model, in this way getting the largest number of families access to decent housing. This is the only way to create sustainable projects and it’s the motor that drives our methodology behind our business.
We’ve developed our own work methods, which we call INDUSTRIALIZED SFM. It’s an industrialized system that allows us to build with fewer costs (social price), very quickly, high-quality, using eco-friendly materials and without the need for water or cement.
Our methodology includes the establishment of a production factory next to the construction site. In this manner, we bring necessary and optimal resources unique for each project, exactly where they’re needed. We’ve achieved to optimize our times and processes, making our methods much more efficient than traditional construction methods.
The most important characteristic of our method is in the employment of local talent for our manufacture as well as for construction. We train employees, imparting our “know-how” and the technology utilized in the process.
Our engineering calculating system allows us to adapt to the factors of constructions unique to each region. With our INDUSTRIALIZED SFM method, we build homes perfect for seismic regions, with high winds or excessive snow. We adapt gates, fences and enclosures to the particular conditions of each region, achieving the highest level of comfort.
• Up to 40% cheaper than conventional systems.
Low costs thanks to reduced construction times.
• We hardly generate any waste material.
• We minimize the use of cranes and elevation machinery.
• We hardly generate any waste.
• We produce “just in time”.
• We minimize logistical costs by producing close to the construction project.
• Up to 10 times faster than with conventional systems.
• 16 apartments in 36 days with our new methods versus a minimum of 365 days with conventional systems.
• Completion of up to 10 finished 50m² homes per day.
• Sequential production and assembly.
• Utilization of technical-tested materials.
• Access to local materials that meet the requirements of quality and regulations.
• Higher quality materials to those used in conventional systems.
• Better results in insulation and acoustics.
• Building resistant to earthquakes, strong winds, excessive snow, humidity, and heavy rains.
• Engineering calculation system to adapt the constructions to the construction criteria of the region.
• Constructions adaptable to all types of designs.
• We don’t use water or cement.
• Utilization of 50% recycled materials and 90% of recyclables.
• Considerably reduced CO² emissions due to independence of cranes, large transports and heavy machinery.
• Hardly produces any waste.
• We employ local talent for our production as well as assembly.
• We employ an average of 150-175 people in the assembly phase.
• We employ an average of 25-30 people in the production phase.
• We employ as many men as we do women.
• We impart our “know-how” training our factory and construction employees.
• We hold tailored courses by position and category within the process of production and assembly.
• We utilize technology throughout the entire process.