Accountable party:

Name: STEEL FRAME MAKER, SL – TIN: B12903910


Phone: +34 626790295   email: info@steelframemaker.com

Purpose of use:

To manage data use for any persons or companies accessing our website, LinkedIn, or blog.

To manage customer relations, potential customers, employees, candidates, providers, and any third-parties soliciting information or services through our website or email.

Description of user categories and categories of personal data:

Customers: Persons holding a relationship of commercial means as clients.

Potential customers:  Persons we seek to have a relationship of commercial means as clients.

Employees:  Persons working for the accountable party.

Candidates:  Persons wishing to work for the accountable party.

Providers: Persons holding a relationship of commercial means as providers of products and/or services.

Any parties interested in the content on our website, LinkedIn or blog.

Categories of personal data:

Identification: first and surname, TIN (taxpayer identification number), address, phone numbers, email address.

Recipients with whom your personal data is shared:

Affiliated entities of STEEL FRAME MAKER, SL.

Where applicable, time limits for the erasure of different categories of data:

Customers: Within the limits envisaged by the fiscal legislation statues of liability.

Potential customers:  One year after initial contact

Employees: Within the limits envisaged by fiscal and labor legislations statues of liability.

Candidates: One year after submitting an application.

Providers: Within the limits envisaged by the fiscal legislation statues of liability.


We hereby inform you that a query through our e-mail or website implies the use of your basic personal data in order to respond to you on the basis of your request. You may exercise your rights as mentioned hereinafter. To best respond to your request, in some cases, we may be required to ask you further questions or collect information from you. In these cases, we shall assume your authorization to manage this data for review of your inquiry.

Informal requests made to our organization shall be handled as stated in the paragraph above based on the assumption that such information is of our interest. If this is not the case, your data shall be deleted.

Any other request you send us shall be considered as a request by a customer, potential customer, employee, candidate, or provider. In this case, we will contact you to sign the corresponding informative provision or data administration contract to be able to maintain a commercial relationship with you.

You confirm and warrant the validity and accuracy of the information provided.


You have the right to obtain information about STEEL FRAME MAKER, SL use of your personal data. As such, you may access your personal information, rectify, or request erasure when data is no longer necessary. Similarly, you have the right to Withdrawal, Objection, and Portability. To obtain a history of your personal data usage at no cost, please send a copy of your government issued photo-identification card to the data controller, info@steelframemaker.com, with the Subject: “Data Protection”.

Description of rights:

– Right to Access:

Pertains to the rights of a data subject to request a file from the data controller if their personal data is being used.

The data subject can access their data and request the following information: 

• Purpose of use

• Categories of personal data used

• Recipients or categories of recipients with whom your data is disclosed.

• Time Limit of Data Storage

• Information about remaining rights: Rectification, Erasure, Withdrawal, Objection, and Portability.

• When personal data has not been obtained from the data subject, information may be requested regarding its source of origin.

– Right of Rectification:

Pertains to the right of the data subject to solicit information regarding the modification of inaccurate or incomplete data.

– Right of Erasure (“wipe out”):

Pertains to the erasure of personal data of the data subject without delay insofar as:

• It is no longer needed for its intended purpose.

• Consent is revoked.

• Exercising the right to object data use or data has been mishandled or unlawfully processed.

• Or one of the following circumstances exist:

° Personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was intended to serve or be used.

° The data subject revokes consent based on data processing and on no other legal ground.

° The data subject opposes data use by exercising their right to objection, for personal reasons or marketing, and on no other legitimate grounds shall processing prevail.

° Personal data was handled unlawfully.

° Personal data is to be deleted in compliance with a legal obligation.

° Personal data was obtained in relation to an offer from the information services society.

– Right of Cancellation:

The data subject can request the withdrawal of personal data proven to be inappropriate or excessive without prejudice to the duty to blocking pursuant to this Regulation. 

To submit a cancellation request, indicate the data to be withdrawn, the reason, and supply proper documentation of the requested rectification.

Allow 10 business days for the data controller to complete your request.

– Right to Objection:

Pertains to a person’s right to oppose use of their personal data or the cessation of usage in the following cases:

• When their consent is not necessary.

• When files are used for publicity purposes.

• When the purpose of processing is to make a decision regarding the data subject.

Claims made shall be made on legitimate and founded groundsrelating to a specific personal situation of the data subject, that justifies the exercise of this right.

Allow 10 business days for the data controller to complete your request.

– Right of Portability:

This right permits the data subject to receive data furnished to the data controller and gives the authority to forward said data to another data controller without restrictions.
Data shall be provided in a clear, structured format to another data controller.